Celiac Support Group Stories

Celiac Support Group's mission is to maximize quality of life and health for everyone who is affected by a gluten disorder. One of “Celiac Support Group's Gluten Solutions” is to “Share Our Stories.” We learn from and are inspired by others, and we invite you to participate in our mission. Please help by submitting your true stories for publication as a blog post on this website. 

Here are some guidelines:

  • Your stories should be between 300 and 600 words.
  • Each story should describe an “event” - something that happened and impressed you (not your life story). 
  • Your topic can be funny or serious, sad or happy, or otherwise thought-provoking.
  • Your topic should directly or indirectly relate to a gluten-related disorder (yours or someone else's). 
  • We encourage you to also include: 
    • Any background that explains why “this event” was memorable for you
    • What happened during the event
    • How you felt, before, during and/or after what happened
    • What you learned from what happened
    • What has changed for you because of what happened
    • Anything else you'd like readers affected by gluten-related disorders to know, to help them maximize their own quality of life and health
  • If your story was previously published elsewhere, please supply details (where published, who to contact and other information we will need, to obtain permission to reprint it and to acknowledge the source properly)
Here's how to submit your story:

Create an email addressed to info@celiacsupportgroup.org. If you prefer, you can send a hard copy of the information listed below to Celiac Support Group, P O Box 2873, Carmichael, CA 95609.

For the subject line of your email [or letter], type “SOS” [this stands for “Share Our Stories”]

In the body of your email [or letter], type: 
  • Your First Name
  • Your Middle Initial
  • Your Last Name
  • Your Mailing Address
  • Your City
  • Your State or Province
  • Your Zip Code
  • Your Country
  • Your Phone
  • Your E-mail
  • Author Name You Want To Use if published [real name, pen name, first name or anonymous]
  • Your Story Title
  • Your Story [Note: Do NOT send your story as an email attachment. It must appear in the body text of your email. Emails containing attachments will not be read.]
  • This language: “I am submitting the story above. I have written it; it is entirely my own work; I have not copied from someone else. The story is about something that actually happened; I did not make it up. I understand that Celiac Support Group is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. If my story is selected for publication, I understand that I will receive no monetary payment, just the satisfaction that I've contributed to quality of life and health for those affected by gluten disorders. I swear under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.” 
  • Your full name (First, middle, last)
When Celiac Support Group receives your submission, It is our policy to keep your personal information strictly confidential. It will NOT be sold, traded or used for any purpose other than to communicate with you.

If Celiac Support Group selects your story for publication on its website, we will:

  • Contact you by telephone, email and/or postal mail. If we are unable to contact you, we will discard your submission.
  • We will ask for your permission to publish, and we will not publish until we have your written permission. 
  • Your written permission will acknowledge that you will receive no compensation from Celiac Support Group and that Celiac Support Group will not seek compensation from any source for publishing your story. 
  • Your written permission also will acknowledge that the webpage on which your story appears includes Celiac Support Group's copyright with “all rights reserved” (true for all the website's content). If Celiac Support Group later is asked for permission to reprint your story for compensation, Celiac Support Group will notify you as the intellectual property owner and will participate with you in any such offer only to the extent that you agree in writing. If Celiac Support Group should cease to exist, the copyright and all rights to your story will revert to you. 

— Celiac Support Group Gluten Solutions: Share Our Stories